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About the Company

The products sold under DOMOVENT trademark are designed and manufactured by VENTS – a worldwide ventilation industry leader which produces a wide range of climatic equipment for household, commercial and industrial applications.

The company's research and development facilities and showrooms located in the area spanning over more than 60 000 m². In order to maintain a complete production cycle the company runs 16 shop floors outfitted with hi-tech equipment which meets most stringent international standards.

The ventilation equipment range includes more than 10,000 items to cater for diverse target audiences and a variety of market segments.

The VENTS production process is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 international standard for quality management systems of organizations and enterprises.

VENTS products are tailored to the unique geographical, climatic and technical peculiarities of each partner country as well as the individual requirements of each client.

VENTS takes pride in offering a wide choice of high quality ventilation equipment.